Hasegawa 1/48 Bf-109G-10 "Reich Defense"

KIT #: 09468
PRICE: $10.00 from a vendor
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 2003 Limited Edition


The Bf-109G-10 was a late war variant of the Bf-109G that was basically a Bf-109G-6 brought up to K-4 specifications. These planes were both new built and rebuilt from G-6s brought in for repair. The major difference in this aircraft compared to the earlier versions was the DB605D engine. This had a larger supercharger and so resulted in a newer and more aerodynamic cowling. The type was also equipped with the MW-50 methanol/water injection system that allowed the engine to be over-boosted for a short period of time.

Like all 109 versions, the G-10 could be found with different external differences such as a tall or standard tail gear, or standard vs wider wheels. The latter upgrade required the addition of larger clearance fairings on the upper wing. All of the G-10 series had the later Erla-built canopy, the Erla Haube, and a taller, wooden tail. 109 fanboys will also know that there were three different rudder shapes fitted to the G-10. Despite its nearing obsolescence and increased weight, the later model 109s were fast in a straight line and could out-climb pretty much all Allied fighters including the Tempest and P-51.


This kit contains three standard sprues plus several additional ones just for the late war 109s. One of those additional sprues contains the new fuselage halves, upper cowling piece, deeper oil cooler, larger supercharger intake, broader prop blades and a taller tail wheel. Another has the wider wheel fairings for the  upper wings and the wider wheels. Yet another has the different stabs with that weird reinforcement on the leading edge and you get the later Erla canopy.

There are several things that fanboys will notice. One is that there is no option for the small wing fairings and narrower wheels. Many of the G-10s had this feature. There are boxings of this kit that include those, but this is not one of them. Another is that you do not get the interior cannon housing for the 30mm nose cannon. Aftermarket will have to take care of that. The G-10 had three different rudders and of course, you only get one as this feature is molded in place. You also do not get the slightly different instrument panel of the G-10 and K-4, though most will not realize this. Hasegawa would also have you build the two markings options without a centerline tank. Your choice on this if you are going with aftermarket decals.

Instructions are well drawn as one would expect and offer information on adding panel lines to the wings, opening up the wheel wells as well as holes for the radio mast and the Morane antenna. Markings are for two planes. The box art plane is with JG.51 in 1945. The instructions are rather unsure of the colors offering either RLM 66 or RLM 83 for the fuselage and one of the upper colors with OD for the other upper color. The cowling is RLM 75 and the undersides in RLM 76. The other is with an unknown unit and is in RLM 83 and OD with an RLM 76 underside. There is a red nose ring and rudder which are provided as decals. Paint these. I am assuming that the OD is supposed to be RLM 81, which is a brown-violet shade. The decals, while nicely printed and offering all the stencils and swastikas, are old school Hasegawa which means they are a bit thick and the white is actually an off-white. If you use them, use hot water.  


Still the leader among the late war 109 crowd in this scale, the Hasegawa 109s have the benefit of being nicely done, fairly accurate for all but the most persnickety, and build into very nice models. I'm almost embarrassed to say that though I've built quite a few G-10s, they have all be the Monogram-Revell version! This one is a much nicer kit and if you like the type, pick this one up.



April 2016

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