Amodel 1/72 IAR-80C

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The IAR 80 was a Romanian World War II low-wing, monoplane, all-metal construction fighter aircraft. When it first flew in 1938 it was competitive with most contemporary designs like the German Bf 109E, the British Hawker Hurricane and the Supermarine Spitfire. However, production problems and lack of available armament delayed entry of the IAR 80 into service until 1941. Although there were plans to replace it fairly quickly it was forced to remain in front-line use until 1944, by which point it was entirely outdated.

There were many different variants of the IAR-80 and a fighter bomber version, the IAR-81 was also produced in quantity. All of these aircraft varied in detail and armament from each other, making nearly confusing as different versions of the Bf-109! Try as I might, I can find no specific information on the IAR-80C. I have to assume that it is a pure fighter version as the kit does not tell you to add any bomb racks.


Amodel has come out with three different versions of the IAR-80/81 with this kit being the last production variant, the IAR-81C. It seems that Amodel has done their research and the sprues offer several bits that will not be used on this version, including a bomb and alternate main gear wells and doors. The upper and lower wings are on smaller, separate sprues and I'd have to think that this is to take care of the different types of armament used by these planes.

Detailing is very nicely done and there is some on the inside of the cockpit walls. There is a well appointed interior, though with the somewhat thick and small canopy section, not much will be seen. Unlike the previously previewed IAR-81C kit, this one has a fuselage that is complete to the cowling.

Thanks to its low pressure molding, the kit displays some flash on a few parts and the sprue attachment points intrude onto the surface of most parts, making preparation a must. Treat this like a short run kit in that one must test fit each part prior to applying cement. I can pretty well guarantee that doing so will make for a much smoother build.  I also found some rather significant sink areas on the upper wings opposite the main gear well walls. This particular kit is supposed to be equipped with the under wing fuel tanks, so perhaps this is what makes it a 'C' model.

Typically, the instructions are well drawn with 8 distinct construction steps. There are places where one needs to stretch some sprue to complete the build, but those used to these sorts of kits won't find that to be a problem. Color information is provided with Humbrol and generic references. Markings are for a single aircraft from the 1942/43 kperiod.  Decals are well printed and come with addendum insignia to replace the ones on the main sheet that are off register. The builder is provided with the yellow rudder stripe with the red and blue one needing to be painted. Personally, I'd paint all three.


This adds to a large selection of IAR-80/81s from Amodel and it is nice to see these kits being done. A quick build it won't be, but the end result will be a very nice model.


June 2010

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