Revell 1/72 Blohm und Voss P-194






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Scott Van Aken






 Blohm und Voss is primarily known in aviation circles for building large flying boats. A natural progression for this company that was originally famous for ship building; in particular for building U-boats. Amongst their first aircraft projects was the highly unusual BV-141 asymmetrical observation aircraft. While it was very unusual, it was also very stable and well liked by those that flew it. However it was just too odd-looking for the Luftwaffe and was not placed into production.

In 1944 Blohm und Voss designed the P-194. It was a mixed propulsion aircraft using both a BMW radial and turbojet. It's projected performance was quite high, which was something that was needed for an attack aircraft. In addition, it was able to fly solely on the power of just one of its two engines. Armament was to be two light and two heavy cannon in the nose as well as a bomb bay able to handle a variety of weapons. Like its progenitor, the BV-141, the P-194 was an asymmetrical design. Though it did get through the mockup stage, work was halted before a prototype was able to be constructed.




Revell's kit of the P-194 was produced in 1997. It consists of 57 parts, of which three are clear. Molding is to a very high standard with engraved panel lines as well as some detailing in the cockpit and wheel wells. The BMW engine is designed to be displayed with the cowlings on or off. A nice touch is a piece of styrofoam to protect the delicate prongs on part 14.

The instruction sheet is 14 pages of which one provides a bit of history, two are for painting guides, one for color callout, 2/3 of a page for parts diagram, three pages for various warnings and three and 1/3 for the twenty two step construction sequence. Typical of Revell Germany, the instructions are very good and show all possible options in nice, clear drawings. The decal sheet offers full stencils and markings for two aircraft, one in RLM 70/71/65, and the other in white with RLM 65 undersides. As with all recent sheets, it is very matte and, of course, contains no swastika.

Overall, it appears to be an excellent kit and one that will add to any Luftwaffe '46 collection.


Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!! 

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