KIT: Anigrand 1/144 Daimler Benz 'Project B' bomber
KIT #: AA 4001
PRICE: $76.00 from
DECALS: Basic insignia
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin with what appears to be injected plastic clear bits


In 1943, instructed from Reichsmarschall Goring for the design and production of very long-range bombers which would be capable of attacking targets in the U.S.A. and Soviet industrial plants far beyond the Germany, Daimler-Benz combined with Focke-Wulf to form a joint study group for the development of an ultra long-range aircraft. These strikes were to be carried out in non-stop flight and without recourse to aerial refueling. The two designs, simply referred to as Project-A and -B were to have been built in 1944. The Project-A was a carrier aircraft designed to transport a jet bomber. This combination was to have been capable of delivering a 30,000kg bomb load over distance of 17,000km. The Project-B was an improved version of Project-A, that not only able to carry a jet bomber, but also able to carry five manned explosive delivery systems to distant target areas. The destructive effect  of these manned bombs was to be far greater than that of conventional bombs. It is not surprising that this rather wild combination did not go any farther than the drawing board.


This is a first from Anigrand; a 1/144 kit. They have decided that several aircraft are just too large to do in 1/72 and so will be producing some types in 1/144 scale, starting with the very fanciful Daimler Benz Bomber B Project aircraft. Molding is typical of Anigrand with engraved panel lines and a few mold defects, but nothing major. The worst I found was a mis-match on the fuselages of the parasite fighters where the panel lines don't match from the top to the bottom. The clear bits are quite well done with prominent frame lines, something that I feel is important in kits of this scale. To me, this is a big improvement over their usual vacuformed clear bits where it is difficult to find the frame lines.

One thing I noticed before opening the box is that it was quite heavy. This is due to the huge number of parts with this kit (155 of them) and the large, solid wings. The builder also gets no fewer than 11 other 1/144 aircraft with this. One is the major attack vehicle which you can see with the H tail in the instructions. You also get five each of two different parasite fighters. One type has a long fuselage with the engine atop the fin and the pilot near the back of the fuselage. The other is a bit more conventional, though it has the engine under the rear fin assembly. Neither of these is supplied with landing gear and it may well be that these were piloted bombs or designed to return to the mother ship.

Anigrand has come up with a different type of instruction sheet with this kit. Instead of a drawing, you are provided with photo-realistic 3D images that basically show the models complete and point out where some of the bits go. I'm not really sure how the parasite fighters would have been attached as the directions don't show that, but I'm sure that it can be figured out once they are done. The other side of the instructions shows a possible painting guide as well as decal placement. My kit had two sheets of decals that consist of generic insignia with split swastikas so the kit can be sold in squeamish countries without raising the ire of politicians.


This is by far the coolest kit ensemble I've ever seen. Not only do you get a rather bizarre Luft '46 bomber, but you get a hoard of other neat aircraft to go along with it. I can foresee some very neat displays being done with this one. As a personal note, I'm quite pleased to see the non-vacuformed clear bits and do hope this is the start of a trend.

My thanks to Anigrand USA for the review kit. Get yours from the link and have free shipping in the US and Canada.

April 2007

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