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One hypothetical aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Resin kit




When Heinkel submitted the P.1073 in the Volksjager competition, it was determined to be the winning design. This was as much due to Heinkel's available production capabilities than the design itself. This aircraft was to the the He-162. However, that wasn't the end of the different variations on the basic theme. This kit is P.1073.08, a twin-engined version. 

Either two Heinkel HeS011 or Jumo 004C turbojets would be mounted on the aircraft, one above and one below the fuselage. The lower engine would require the nose gear to be offset to the left (and put a huge strain on it as well). This version had swept wings and a V tail. Two underwing fuel tanks of 500 liters would help to improve the range of the plane. Maximum speed was projected at 627 mph (1,010 kph) and it was to have two MG151 20mm cannon for its primary offensive weapon.

Just looking at the design, one can come up with several problems that would have to be considered before any production, the biggest one being the vulnerability of the lower engine. The additional weight  of this engine would not bode well for the nose gear and I would bet that there would be tons of nose gear collapsing problems!



This kit is typical of what one comes to expect of Planet Models. Great packaging, clear canopy, Propagteam decals. The instruction sheet is a single piece of paper printed on both sides giving an exploded view as well as painting guide. 

One real challenge on this kit is that the fuselage is basically one solid piece of resin. Preventing this kit from tailsitting will be a huge challenge as there really isn't any where to put weight.

About all that can be done is to drill out both of the engines, making them as hollow as possible. Then fill the lower engine with weight. How long the resin landing gear will hold up to this is problematical. I'd give it less than a year before it deforms under the weight!

No matter what is tried, this is bound to be an interesting kit to build and one that should keep the folks at the club shaking their heads for quite some time!   




 German Jet Genesis, by David Masters, 1982

Jet Planes of the Third Reich; Secret Projects Vol 1 by Manfred Griehl , 1999  

Review copy courtesy of me and my wallet!! If any of you manufacturers or shop owners want to send products for review and building, please contact me