Kit: Me-262A

Scale: 1/48

Kit Number: 5453

Manufacturer: Monogram

Price: $7.00

Media: injected plastic

Decals : one version with KG 51, no swastikas

Accuracy: seems accurate

Overall: see review


Comments: This is another Monogram kit with a relatively long shelf life. I can remember about ten years ago when it was a relatively rare kit and it would easily bring $20.00. Because of that I now have 6 more of them stashed away. Sure, the Trimaster/DML 262 is a better kit, but it does not offer the value for the money given to you by Monogram. This is my third 262 in the last ten years. Since then the aftermarket parts market has blossomed and True Details supplied me with a brass set and resin wheels. Aeromaster supplied the decals. The kit has tons of detail right from the box. If you want you can open one of the engine servicing panels on the engine, but it is a bit of a waste of time as the engine detail is not up to modern standards. The gun access panel reveals a superb set of 30mm guns and a little extra work makes a big difference. If you don't know how to drybrush then learn as it adds so much to the kit. The interior includes a few brass panels, rudder pedals and a superb instrument panel. Reheat decals were added for that extra touch since the canopy allows the interior to be fully displayed. In addition to the interior, the brass set includes a full set of gear doors, a big improvement over the thicker plastic ones from the kit.

This 262 was painted to represent an ISSI (industry defense flight) aircraft with a blue and green checked tail band. It is done in 81/82/76 with a medium fuselage mottle in 81/82. Lots of nose weight and the resin tires were added and the kit looks great

I recommend this kit to all levels. Do yourself a favor, buy one and relive hassle-free building with a great American kit

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