Hobbycraft 1/48 Bf-109G-1/2

Kit Number: 1538

Price: $13.98

Decals : Three versions; Captured by U.S., Luftwaffe in desert camo, Rumanian in 70/76 with white overspray


Comments: If you haven't guessed, I like the 109. It was flown by a lot of countries and has a lot of different camouflage schemes. After reading a semi-favorable review, I purchased a couple of them. Since Hobbycraft designs their kits to be several different versions, you have a bunch of spare bits that can be used to make your 109 a bit different.

I found very little problem building the kit. The interior is well done and sufficiently detailed with rudder pedals and trim wheels. The fit of the wings and fuselage is good with little putty or adjustment needed. Even the seat belt decals look convincing. A nice touch is the starter crank for the right side of the engine. Since I was not building a tropical version, I did not use the air filter or the umbrella attachments which are, unfortunately, permanently attached to the umbrella. The only aftermarket piece I used was True Details resin wheels, which are almost a requirement on WWII aircraft.

Throwing caution to the wind, I actually used the Hobbycraft decals for the Rumanian version. To my delight, they not only worked quite well, but they were opaque and none of the underlying colors bled through. I do question the use of an all white numeral over a white background, but this can be replaced from spare decals. I also swiped the propeller spinner decal from an Aeromaster 109 sheet as I just can't hand paint the things well enough.

This was an enjoyable and hassle-free kit that I can highly recommend to all.

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