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Allow me to use the kit instructions for some of this as my library turned up almost nothing on this variant.

It can be said that the Ju-88 family was one of the most widely adapted aircraft used by the Luftwaffe in WWII. It started out as a fast bomber/dive bomber and ended up being changed and stretched like no other. The H versions were aircraft that had the fuselage stretched to allow for very long range reconnaissance and bombing. I find it particularly interesting that the wingspan stayed pretty much the same even though the stretch accommodated a lot of extra fuel which would have increased wing loading quite a bit due to the extra weight.

Anyway, the H series was a further modification of the Ju-88G, so much of the airframe was the same other than the extra sections for fuel. The H-1/2 was a 'mild' stretch and was operated by Fliegerfuhrer Atlantik. The H-3/4 versions were even more radical stretches To allow the  aircraft even more range over the Atlantic.

There are no known photos of any of these four versions other than the H-1 of which there are reportedly less than a half dozen. However, there are/were eye witnesses who corroborate that these planes did exist. These reports even state that the surviving aircraft were turned into 'Mistel' composites by the end of the war.  Of course, like all late war things, there is much speculation involved in things and perhaps one day we will find out the complete truth of some of these fascinating late war aircraft.


What AMtech has done is to provide their Ju-88S kit along with the sprue from the AMT Ju-88G night fighter that has the tailplanes and fin. There are three new mold sprues to provide the bits for the H-3/4. These include a new, longer fuselage and the new fuselage plug, long range underwing drop tanks, new nose, new third main gear, Mistel nose, and the apparatus on which the FW-190A-8 is to be mounted atop the fuselage. Molding on these parts is very good with only a few sink areas on the fuselage plug opposite some bracing on the other side. Easy to fill and sand smooth.

I'll refer you to the Ju-88S/T review for a look at the sprues for that particular kit. I should mention that this kit provides only the Junkers engines so you'll have to visit the Ju-88G preview to see what those look like! It is the sprue on the lower left...  I fully anticipate this kit to build pretty much like the S/T and the G which means you'll have to build carefully.

The instructions are really quite well done. AMtech has taken some of the drawing bits from the AMT Ju-88 kits and added photos using the new parts. It actually works out quite well and makes for a much easier to understand set of instructions. Here's an image of just what I mean.

Though no FW-190 is provided in the kit, just about any well done FW-190A-8 will work. I'd even suggest trying to find the Hasegawa special boxing of the FW-190A-7 with 'slipper tanks' if you want to use these tanks on your 190. To be quite honest, they probably would not have used them if they had a choice as these over wing tanks caused the airplane to be a handful to fly. Test pilots reported a lot of 'snaking' in flight and general instability along with a 15 kph loss in speed. However, one uses what one has to and so there it is.

The instructions give precise dimensions for fitting the Mistel upper fuselage braces and also provide this info for the drilling the proper holes in the FW-190.

Decals are a mixture of what was provided in with the S/T kit and a new sheet just specifically for the Ju-88H-3/4 (that new sheet shown to the right). There are markings for three aircraft. Two H-4 Fuhrungsmachines in different camo schemes and both showing 190s atop them. The other is an H-3 Mistel from II.KG 200 which operated the Mistels during the war. This variant should have the 190 attached, though I'm not sure if the H-3 variant required it or not. Color information is given in RLM numbers so you can use whatever paints you are most comfortable with.


So there you have it. Another most interesting aircraft from the folks at AMtech. I'm sure it will do well as these oddball aircraft seem to strike a chord in many of us that moves us to go out and buy these kits. I'm sure that AMtech is hoping they will do well so that the profits can help finance upcoming projects. You do want a 1/48 F-15 Reporter, don't you?

Thanks to for providing the sample.

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