Kit: He-111H

Scale: 1/48

Kit Number:

Manufacturer: Monogram

Price: $15.00

Media: Injected Plastic

Decals : Two schemes, no swastikas

Accuracy: I'd bet it is spot on

Overall: see review

Date of Review: March 1995

Comments: This is a kit I rushed out to buy as soon as it was available. I read a review that mentioned a couple of mold problems on the wings and they were there. I ignored them as they would be a major hassle to fix.

This is the first Monogram kit I can think of that had all engraved panel lines. The kit built up beautifully and was a joy to assemble. There was tons of interior and cockpit detail. With all that clear glass, it is imperative that the cockpit be well built. I added about 70 of Reheat's instrument decals and almost all of them can be seen. The flattened tires are the best that Monogram has ever done. I did not use the torpedoes but I did separate the bomb bays in half with one side having the external rack and the other plain. The finished kit was painted in 70/71/65. I used Three Guys decals on this one as I wanted the Battle of Britain version with the big white stripes on the upper wing. I wasn't sure if it took stripes on both wings, but I used them both anyway. Later I learned that they were only on one wing so I painted over the one on the left. I also used Koster exhausts as those provided in the kit were not appropriate for a Battle of Britain version of the 111.

The kit is highly recommended to those with some skill. I loved it and have the Pro Modeler version waiting in the wings.

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