Special Hobby 1/72 He-1078A






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Scott Van Aken




During 1944 there was a request for submissions to an emergency fighter program. Heinkel drew up several proposals as 1078A, B, and C. Only the 1078C was actually submitted. The He.1078A was in many ways similar to the Messerschmitt P.1101 in that it had a single Heinkel HeS 011a turbojet slung under the fuselage with a thin tail boom holding the empennage. It also had shoulder mounted wings that were slightly gulled. Armament on all these projects was two 30mm Mk108 cannon.  


Delving into past previews I can tell you that this is in every way a typical Czech short run kit. It has large ejector stubs on the larger parts, the smaller ones are well formed though a bit soft on detail. The surface detail is finely engraved and there is some attempt at wheel well detail for the main gear. Actually, I think that is supposed to be the engine casing showing there!

The intake and exhaust have appropriate blanking plates to prevent a see through effect. There is also lots of room for nose weight, which will be needed as the plane looks to be a bit tail heavy. The cockpit is minimal with a floor, seat, and back wall.  There is also an instrument panel, though you will have to make a control stick from sprue. Minimal, but adequate. Superdetailers can go nuts on this one! One vacuformed canopy is provided as is a small fret of etched metal. This fret is common to most of these kits and has seat harness, rudder pedals and antennas on it, not all of which will be used on the kit.

The instructions are basic but good enough to allow you to complete the model without any real trauma. Some colors are offered for the interior and wheel wells/struts in RLM numbers. The decal sheet offers one rather interesting example with a nice sharkmouth and a red band for the rear fuselage. Swastika is offered in two parts. The decal sheet is by Propagteam so is very high quality. The color scheme recommended in the instruction sheet is overall RLM 76, but hey, it is Luft '46. You can paint it any way that your heart desires!

Should make into an interesting looking model that will look right in place with your other Luftwaffe 1946 endeavours.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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