Tamiya 1/72 Fw-190D-9`






Two Aircraft


Scott Van Aken




The FW-190D-9 was the penultimate Focke Wulf piston engined fighter. While it was built in relatively small numbers of only a few hundred, there were more of them actually built than could be flown. This was thanks to a general lack of fuel and an inability to get the planes to the units that needed them. Those pilots fortunate enough to be able to fly them found them a huge improvement over the BMW powered Fw-190A versions they had been used to. Improvements in the design eventually led to the even more potent and even fewer finished Ta-152.



The Fw-190D was one of the first kits downsized from the 1/48 version. From what I can see, other than some simplification of the parts, there is no difference in shape between this and the larger kit. Even the decal options are the same, however, unlike the 1/48 kit, there are no 'extra' parts  with everything basically being on a single sprue. Apparently there was a glitch regarding the spinner as a new one is provided. Thankfully, the prop blades are not separate as is the current trend as I have enough trouble with kits without adding in mis-aligned prop blades!

Options are non-existent according to the instructions, but you are provided with an optional non-bulged canopy in case you want to do an early 190D-9 using aftermarket decals. You can pose the canopy open or closed, but that is about it. If you are doing a bulged open canopy, don't forget that this canopy did not have an antenna tensioner so the antenna will drape over the rear fuselage.

Markings are provided for two aircraft. One is blue 15 of 4/JG 301 and the other is Stab commander's plane of JG 4. Colors are given as mixtures of Tamiya paints, which I find rather irritating. However it appears that the aircraft are in RLM 82/75 over RLM 76.



I'd say that the only real problem with the kit will be justifying spending the money on it. However, it is only slightly more expensive than the Hasegawa version which is probably not as easy a build as this one it. This is a kit that even a beginner can build with confidence.

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