Monogram 1/48 FW-190A




A buck in 1968


Three options


Scott Van Aken


First molded in 1965


As with several other well-known aircraft, I weasel out of any historical background and suggest you start winding your way through the many reviews in the Kit Review Index, where you'll find all sorts of interesting information on the 190.


Though many nowadays may not believe it, the Monogram FW-190 is still a very accurate kit in outline. Old does not be useless and if one can get by the 60's engineering and rivets, you'll find a very nice model hidden in the plastic. As behooves a child of the 60's, this one has its usual run of moving bits, including landing gear and canopy as well as the standard prop and wheels.

What you may find surprising is that this kit also has separate flaps and a relatively complete interior, including a tub, seat, control stick and pilot. A decal fits where the instrument panel should go. Of course, the wheel wells are not boxed in and you can see up into the interior through the wells. Plastic is the usual rivets for detail and raised panel lines, but overlooking those, will still get you a fine model. The kit is thoughtfully molded in dark green and black to alleviate some of the need for painting parts.

Now allegedly, you can build an Fw-190A-7/R2, A-7/R-3, A-5/U8, A-8/R1, A-8/R3 and A-5/U3trop. Lots of options with this one. Actually, you can't do the A-8 variants as the kit does not come with the larger, bulged upper cowling, but the others can be done. The kit provides both the inner and outer pitot tube, meaning you simply cut off the one you won't be using! Stores include wing mounted drop tanks, bombs, twin 20mm and single 50mm cannon and a fuselage mounted bomb rack or drop tank. Pretty comprehensive stuff for a kit designed 40 years ago.

Instructions on this one have moved away from the photos and gone to drawings, but still have the step by step written construction sequence. There are alternates depending on which version you are building. Painting info is pretty accurate showing upper and side views. Though no RLM references are given, they do call for black green and dark green uppers with light blue undersides and grey mottles. Still bogus colors for a 190, but better than usual. Probably the only close to accurate scheme is the desert 190 in light blue undersides with sand and dark green uppers. Decals are thick and not bad. My examples look perfectly usable and I've been using a nearly as old sheet for years to get bits and pieces from it for my 1/48 Luft '46 models. You might note that even back in 1968 the swastika was not on the box art to protect the skveemish           



Yet another oldie but goodie. Like the 109E, it has not been out on shelves for a while as I don't recall Monogram reissuing it back in the late 1990s when it did all their other releases. It has been outclassed as of late by those kits from Dragon and Tamiya, but it still makes a pleasing model when built properly.

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