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In 1943 the replacement for the Ju-87 Stuka was to be a fighter-bomber version of the Fw-190. In order to transition Ju-87 pilots to the much faster and more capable Fw-190, it was decided to do a conversion trainer. Initially, three Fw-190A-8 airframes were converted to two seaters. This would also allow the trainers to be easily integrated into the new units flying the Fw-190. These were designated Fw-190S (S for Schuleflugzeug - School Aircraft or Trainer).

The first conversion trainer was flown in January of 1944 and made by adding a second seat aft of the normal pilot's seat. There were a number of different canopy styles used; some flat sided and some bulged as in the Bf-109G-12. There were also some that had differing armament. All of the 58 Fw-190S aircraft were converted in the field or by overhaul centers; none were produced at the factory. These aircraft were converted from Fw-190A-5 or A-8 airframes giving the new planes the designation of Fw-190S-5 or S-8, depending on which airframe was used for the conversion. In addition to the conversion training role, several were used as high-speed liaison aircraft or as unit hacks.


MPM's Fw-190S is very typical of this company's short run models. The medium grey plastic is well formed with just a touch of flash on a few parts. There are large ejector pins on the insides of the large pieces such as the fuselage and the wings. The interior is a nicely done resin cockpit. Also in resin are the wheels, wheel well and some other smaller bits. Three canopies are provided. One of each design in vacuform and the flat sided version in clear plastic. I, for one, applaud the use of injected plastic for the clear bits as I don't like vac canopies. 

Several of the parts seem quite reminiscent of the DML kit and I would not be surprised to find that these were copied from that kit or the Tamiya one. I have a lot of spare bits from my various Fw-190D builds that should fit this kit just fine, thank you.Also included is a nice etched brass fret with some interior bits like instrument panels, seat belts and rudder pedals as well as oleo links. The kit offers two different cowlings as the A-5 and A-8 had different weapons installed above the engine.

Instructions are quite good offering 7 construction steps as well as four different decal and marking options. There are color callouts in all steps referring to Humbrol colors. Any differences in construction between the S-5 and S-8 are delineated in the instructions in an unambiguous manner.

The decal sheet provides markings for four subjects; two S-5s and two S-8s. Each has one of the two using a different canopy. All of them are in standard colors for most Fw-190s of RLM 74 and 75 upper with RLM 76 lower colors. All units are unknown. The swastikas are given in several sections so most of us will use an aftermarket sheet for that. The decal sheet maker is not noted on the sheet, but I'd bet it is quite similar to Propagteam. The decals appear quite thin and look to be in register.

Overall, it looks like a very interesting build, and one that should result in a very interesting aircraft.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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