Just Fantasy 1/48 BV P.212.3






one aircraft


Scott Van Aken


Resin with vac canopy and decals


Allow me to paraphrase the kit-supplied history as I have no other source of information for this plane.  

The 212 was one of many designs submitted for a high altitude fighter in late 1944. This was also known as the Emergency Fighter Competition and all entries had to use the Heinkel Hs011 turbojet then being developed. Designs were received from Heinkel, Messerschmitt, Focke-Wulf, Junkers and Blohm und Voss. The entry chosen for this competition was the Focke-Wulf Ta-183, an aircraft that would assuredly have been a force to recon with had the war lasted long enough for it to reach production. However, fate was that the war was over before construction had gotten very far on the prototype.

The BV P.212.3 was one of three designs that was considered for the competition and actually a final refinement of the previous two. It was most unusual in design having the vertical and horizontal stabilizers on the wing tips with only a small strake on the upper fuselage to give greater lateral stability. It was to have a pressurized cockpit for high altitude flight as well as a rather large fuel capacity which, with external tanks, would have allowed for nearly four hours in the air. However, the war ended and the 212 disappeared into obscurity, only resurfacing some 45 years later when a modeling fraternity discovered the wonders of 'Luft '46'!


The first thing one notices about this kit is that it is in a header card instead of a box. Then one sees that it has a new name; Just Fantasy. Looking at the size of the kit, the next revelation is that it is in 1/48. This means that either all the cool designs have already been done in 1/72 or that there has been perceived that Luft '46 is ready for the larger scales. 

Upon opening the bag, one is struck by the smell of Ivory soap. I noticed this with the previous 1/72 P.224, but thought it was a one time thing. Frankly, I like it, though I haven't a clue as to why it should smell this way. Detailing is quite good with engraved panel lines. Most of the lines are a bit on the shallow side and if one does any heavy sanding in the area, they will have to be rescribed. The fuselage is hollow, though thicker than the aforementioned P.224 and with no cockpit sidewall detail. Detail in the main wheel wells is fairly good. Not sure how this plane will be in terms of tail sitting, but I'd pack as much nose weight in it as I could.

This extra weight should not be a problem as Just Fantasy has provided landing gear that are metal coated with resin, the best way to get strength and detail in landing gear of these heavy resin kits. The other than the wings and fuselage, the rest of the resin parts are packed into a small plastic bag. Frankly, I just don't see how they were able to put all that stuff in that small bag as I couldn't duplicate it after emptying all the bits. Anyway, they all arrived unscathed and in perfect shape. 

Detailing on the resin parts is very good. Initial inspection of the parts showed no flaws or air bubbles. Only some minor flash on the landing gear and some tiny resin blobs along the engraved panel lines, these being easily brushed off with one's fingers. As one can see from the close-up of the cockpit, there is quite a bit of detail there that should pop out with careful painting and dry-brushing. The cockpit is complete with tub, control stick, rudder pedals, instrument panel and gunsight. The rest of the kit parts are butt fit to each other. I'd recommend fitting some paper clip sections in the larger bits like the wing to ensure that they won't break off due to stress.

Instructions are similar to the P.224s in that they are very good indeed. They are easy to understand and more than adequate to allow you to do a great job building the kit. One little anomaly I noticed is that the 3rd of 8 construction steps was printed in reverse! Anyway, the proper fitting of parts is helped out by a number of drawings showing the proper degrees of tilt and slant that parts should have as well as the proper location to drill holes for the landing gear. A real improvement over earlier instructions and one that I like. There is a small decal sheet for blue 2 and two (thank you) vacuformed canopies. There are no painting instructions, but if you are up to doing resin kits you don't need any. As a hint, wheels are black, tires very dark grey, interior RLM 66 and wheel wells and struts RLM 02. The rest is up to you. Besides, it is Luft '46 so use your imagination!

I can highly recommend this kit to those whose skills are up to doing a full resin kit. If you haven't tried one, this one would be as good a place to start as any!

Review copy courtesy of Pend Oreille Thank you for your support.

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