DML 1/72 Ar-234B-2

Kit Number: 5003

Price: $17.98

Decals : three versions, no swastika

Comments:  I have always liked the subject matter of DML kits.  They always look great in the box and I am a sucker for great box art.  Those who don't believe box art doesn't sell need to rethink as I know I have bought a bunch of DML kits on box art alone.

Once the box is opened one finds the expected finely detailed and engraved parts and a tiny 'tree' of brass or stainless etched parts.  The 234 has these for a couple of antennas and the instrument panel support.  There are numerous small plastic parts that need great care removing from the trees.  After cleaning the bits, the first thing to be built is a very detailed interior.  Since it is almost completely surrounded by clear canopy, you need to be quite careful during its construction.  The rest of the kit goes together fairly well, with a little putty required around the wing/fuselage joint and the engine nacelle to wing joint.  I chose the recce version so built the cameras to fit into the camera bay and did not use any of the bombs provided.  Finding a place to put nose weight is a real challenge, but packing as much as far forward as possible in both the fuselage and engine nacelles will do the trick.

A must are the RATO packs that fit under the wings.  These little jewels are kits by themselves, but require a bit of fiddling to fit under the wings.  the biggest hassle I had was fitting the nose transparencies.  There are four of them and frankly the fit is not that good.  I would recommend aftermarket bits for this area.  The kit was painted 81/83/76 in a splinter pattern with Xtracolor paints and once dry, I applied kit decals which while a bit thick and a bit translucent, fit very well.  The swastika was provided by a sheet of swastikas that Xtradecal makes.

It is surprising how small the 234 truly is.  This kit eventually makes into a fine representation of the world's first operational jet bomber.  I'll definitely make another, but will replace the canopy.  Buy it, try it, you'll like it, but you need experience first.

December 1995


New photos December 2011 (helps to keep the model in a display case as there was very little dust, even after having been in there for over 15 years.

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