KIT: AV Models 1/72 Kugisho MXY 3
KIT #: AV 104
PRICE: $21.96 MSRP (!)
DECALS: No options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin kit


The only information I've been able to find on this is that 31 were built and it was designed to be carried by a G4M Betty. Kugisho also designed the Ohka rocket aircraft, the Judy and Frances bombers and a few other aircraft.


Well, we aren't talking about a lot of parts with this one. It is basic airframe with two support struts for the wing. That is 8 pieces of resin for those of you counting parts. Butt joins all of them. It isn't very often that I comment on price, but frankly, I'm not exactly sure how many people will pay $22 for a kit like this. I paid less than a quarter of that a swap meet and even at the price I paid, I feel a bit ripped off! Heck, I found one place asking $30 for it! What you see above is pretty much life size.

Instructions are basically a three view, with stats on its size and a note to paint it light grey. Being Navy, I assume that is the same as underside light grey. No decals are provided as I guess targets don't need them.


One thing for sure, this kit won't be taxing anyone's building skills. It is about as basic a flying machine as you can get. Even with cleaning up the parts, I'd be quite surprised if it would take over 2 hours construction time and that includes painting it.

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