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One of the semi-obsolescent fighters that Italy entered WWII with was the Fiat G.50. This plane was around at the same time as the Macchi C.200 and basically built to the same specifications. It was a low wing monoplane fighter with great handling, a mediocre engine and totally inadequate firepower of just two rifle-calibre machine guns.

However, it served well where it fought and since it was rarely up against first line equipment of the opposing side, it was able to do its job well. This changed as the war progressed and it was eventually relegated to even more of the backwaters of the war or to training units where it saw little additional action.



Pacific Coast Hobbies has produced what is their first kit and has chosen a smart way to do things. First of all, the began with a known quality, the Secter Fiat G.50. This kit has been around for a while and boxed by Hasegawa for at least two kits. The kit itself is well done, but is by no means a toss together model. While detailing is engraved and the kit is free of flash and annoying ejector pin marks, it is also not to the standards of today's kits.

Knowing that more was expected, PCM has added in with the Secter kit an Eduard etched metal fret developed just for this kit. In addition, there are two bags full of resin goodies. Among what is in the bags are basically a new interior (onto which you can use some of those etched bits), a new vertical tail and tail cone, under wing bomb racks and bombs, a new engine cowling and exhaust and a new prop.

Not wanting to sound like a Ronco ad, 'but that's not all...'. Included in the kit is a Sky Models decal sheet that allows you to build just about every Fiat G.50 that ever flew and includes Spanish Civil war markings. You also get the Secter decal sheet with markings for 6 aircraft. So you see, you get everything you need to build a high quality Fiat G.50 for about the price that the Secter kit alone is selling for on eBay. I know as I recently sold my Hasegawa/Secter 1/48 Fiat G.50bis kit for more than what I paid for this one.



Now this isn't going to be a kit that will be around for long. If you have any interest in the type and want everything you need in terms of aftermarket goodies all in one box, then this is the kit you need to get.

Kit courtesy of my kit collection. kit courtesy of my kit collection.

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