Roden 1/72 Lagg-3 series 35




$8.98 MSRP


three aircraft


Scott Van Aken




Since laziness is a typical thing for this editor, I'll not repeat the basic beginning history of this plane. Instead, I'll only go with the Series 35 differences and refer you to the earlier preview for background info.

The Series 35 incorporated a number of changes to improve the flying qualities of the aircraft. Most  pilots found the plane difficult to fly. It not only tended to go nose up on approach, but stalled rather easily. Not exactly a confidence builder. To counter this tendency, automatic slats were fitted. On these aircraft, the pitot tube was relocated to under the wing vice in the leading edge. Later batches had a larger spinner and the radiator was made larger and squared off. It also reintroduced a retractable tail wheel, an item not present on previous aircraft. These aircraft also had an exhaust consisting of three stacks on each side that replaced the single collector of the earlier versions. At least one of this series was captured by the Finns and used as LG-3.



  Weaseling out of repeating myself on the kit description again, here's a link to the Series 1,5,11 preview. I can do this because all of the sprues for these kits are identical.

Now, can you build a Series 35 from the kit? Well, it seems that you can. You do get the newer radiator, and the bulged tail wheel doors, and the revised exhaust, and the 'slatted' wings, and the repositioned pitot tube. Actually, the slats look more like reinforcement plates, but we know what they are supposed to be.

Markings are for three planes. One of them is the box art aircraft of ace G. Grigoryev of the 178 ShAP in the defense of Moscow, spring of 1942. Next is a scruffy winter camo'd version flown by S.I. Lvov in late 1943. Finally, you have a choice of two Finnish series 35s serving with LeLv 32 in standard Finnish colors of green, black and light blue. These also have the yellow Eastern Front markings on the nose, under the wing tips and fuselage band. I'm not sure about the color of the Swastika on this plane as they 'may' have been a lighter blue. The decals are well printed and quite matte



As I said with the first preview, the kit looks very good on the sprues. A bit heavy handed in the detail, but nothing really major. The truth will come out with the building.


Lagg fighters in Action, #163, Squadron/Signal Publications

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