Halinski 1/33 P-51D Mustang








Scott Van Aken


Paper with vac canopy


I'll skip the Mustang background as anyone old enough to know what WWII is knows something about a P-51D.


Some may argue if a paper airplane can be a kit. Well, if you need to assemble it, then that makes it a kit in my book. It comes in a large book with the major pieces printed on thick, glossy paper. There are also a number of templates and an equally large number of computer generated drawings that show the bits and pieces in place. You can see examples of the kit parts and drawings shown above.

Probably the part that will be most difficult for those who have never done such a model is that all the instructions are in Polish. That includes the assembly instructions and the guide on what all the little cartouches mean. I would find it most helpful if at least an addendum sheet would have been included with the instructions translated, or at the least, the cartouches.

From what I can gather, several of the parts must be cut from other paper as, for instance, there are no part's 58 (the main wheels) included, though there are templates for them. Whether these are to be cut from paper stock or sheet plastic is unknown. Same for a number of other parts. What is included, but not shown, is a nice vacuformed canopy so one only has to cut and paste the framework onto it prior to attaching it to the rest of the model.

Fortunately, there are a number of websites that are dedicated to card modeling and the results can be truly impressive. I've included one here that shows this kit finished and it is incredible.



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