GPM 1/33 F4U-1A Corsair


214 3/2004






Scott Van Aken


Card Model


The F4U Corsair is one of those planes that just about everyone who is reading this page knows about. If you want more info, I suggest going to, typing in "F4U Corsair" and then watching the hits come in as there is a ton of stuff out there on it.


From Scale Paper International comes another of the fine GPM Card kits. It seems that in Eastern Europe the hobby really became quite popular. Paper was inexpensive when compared to the cost of plastic kits and the fun of subscribing to a 'magazine' that was really a model became very popular. The hobby has grown to the state that is enjoys now where the kits are actually very sophisticated in terms of construction.

Each kit has the external parts and cockpits very accurately and superbly printed on quality paper. Inner bits like spars and ribs have templates provided for the builder to buy heavier stock paper and then cut out the bits needed. The kit provides CAD drawings of the more involved construction as shown above so that the builder knows were the bits fit. Since these folks are from Poland, all the instructions and advice is in that language. However, the drawings are such that any modeler with a modicum of experience can figure out what goes where. The kits also provide vac canopies, but this one is lacking that to make it easier to mail the review copies. Full card framing is provided for the canopy sections so there is no masking or painting required. This is one of the more involved kits and so is given a difficulty level of 3 (out of 3). The photos of the completed kit look very much like a quality plastic kit.


If you are to the stage where the building is much more important that the completed kit, then perhaps you should look into card modeling. It seems as if there are a lot of people doing it and there are a wide selection of items from which to choose.

Thanks to Scale Paper International for the review copy

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