Accurate Miniatures 1/48 P-51 Mustang

Kit Number: 3400

Price: $20.00

Media: injected plastic

Decals : one version, Tunisia 1943

Accuracy: perfect

Overall: see review


Comments: You have all heard by now how great this kit is and I can only echo those sentiments. For a new company to get it nearly perfect on the first try is just phenomenal. I can remember sitting at an IPMS meeting in San Diego many years back, when this fellow stood up and told us he was going to start an model company. He asked what we would like to see in 1/48 and how much we were willing to pay for it. The nearly unanimous suggestion was `early P-51s and around $20.00'. I'll be damned if it didn't come to pass!!

This kit is just a pleasure to build. It is as good as Hasegawa and nearly a good as Tamiya for 1/48. While the kit has no real faults other than a difficulty getting the radio rack in (big deal), it does lack something in the instruction sheet and decals. The instruction sheet must have been the end of the budget as the illustrations look hand drawn and leave some question as to a few parts placement. The decals are nice and opaque, but do not succumb to setting solutions. One building hint is to reverse the gun barrels and cut off the bulged attachment points for an easier fit. As I sit here looking at the kit (as I do for all the reviews) I built about a year ago, I am still amazed at what a pleasure it was to build. I can't believe that I had some tiny part in getting it on the market.

I have since purchased at least one of all Accurate Miniature's Mustangs. I have also bought one of their Corvette Gran Sport race car kits. Next will be their TBM's and Sturmoviks. For the car fan, they are doing some Can-Am McLaren M8s. I can hardly wait. If you haven't built an Accurate Miniatures kit, you shouldn't wait either.

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