ICM 1/48 Mustang III






Two aircraft


Scott Van Aken




For a history of the early Merlin-engined Mustang, visit the ICM P-51B preview.



This review is going to be pretty short and sweet. There is absolutely no difference between this kit and the P-51B that was previewed and built a few months ago. Everything I had to say about that kit can be said about this one. It is a second-rate knock-off of the Tamiya kit. There are sink marks on the larger bits and some are pretty huge (like those on the flaps). Some bits have ejector pin marks on them and some cannot be fixed. Having basically copied the Tamiya kit, I'm surprised that the build did not go more smoothly, but these things happen.

What sets this kit apart from the other one is the decals. There are markings for two aircraft included with this kit, both RAF and both painted pretty much alike with dark green/ocean grey over medium sea grey with yellow wing ID marks and a sky fuselage band. The box top aircraft is from 316 squadron and has the addition of D-Day stripes. It also has a red and white prop spinner and a red nose. White ID stripes are carried on the tail planes. The other is from 65 Sq, and has a white nose with a red prop spinner. Decals are printed in Ukraine and are very crisp and sharp. Personal experience with these decals has not been good, so I'd test one prior to settling on a camo scheme just in case.



If you don't have a lot of money to spend then this may be an option for you. It will take work, but all of the right parts are there to make a nice model. From experience, I'd get an aftermarket sheet for this just in case.

Review kit courtesy of my kit collection.

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