Kit: B-26B-2

Scale: 1/72

Kit Number: 1101

Manufacturer: Monogram

Price: $7.50

Media: Injected Plastic

Decals : one version

Date of Review: 11 November, 1996


Comments:  There is really very little that can be said about this kit.  It is very nicely done and a version of the B-26 of which only 96 aircraft were built.  Although it is a snap kit, it makes into a good model on its own or as a basis for several conversions.  There is minimal detail in the cockpit, wheel wells, nose, or gun positions.  Its nature as a snap means that most of the joints are large and need putty.  The decals on my kit were thick, glossy and refused to conform to the kit.  Toss them.

On to the kit itself.  Since there are few parts, it can be built rather quickly.  I cut off the large lugs and glued everything together, trapping the wings and various guns/turrets between the fuselage halves after painting the small cockpit (seats and controls only) and other interior parts chromate green. The engines and propellers are very nicely done and fit snugly enough without glue to allow the props to be put on after the kit had been painted.

As mentioned, there is no wheel well detail and the sharply raked main gear mans that you must pack a lot of weight in the nose to prevent tail sitting.  The wheels roll freely and an early accident was rolling off a table onto the floor.  This immediately broke the main gear struts. I fixed them by drilling them  and placing a section of paper clip into them for strength then super gluing them back.  Works great and they still have not broken after 12 years of moving and storing.  The canopies need putty to eliminate the large gaps and the smaller windows were Krystal Kleer'd to represent the plexiglass.

All the photos I have seen of the B-26B-2 are of generic aircraft with no unit marks of any kind.  Rather dull, but there you have it.  If you want to make a B-26B-4 or later, you need the engine cowls with the larger intakes.  Starting with the B-26B-10, you need longer wings and the taller tail.  To make any of the B-26A versions (like those at Midway and in New Guinea), you need a new tail gun position with one gun and a more streamlined housing that slopes down from the tail.  While this is probably not a tough modification, those of us who are lazy will wait till a conversion kit is done.  It is odd that no one has any aftermarket parts for this particular kit.  It is totally accurate in outline and the only early model B-26 (short wings, short tail, small carb intakes) on the market.  One of these days maybe.

This kit is highly recommended, especially for the youngsters as they will find it a 'snap' to build.

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