Airfix 1/72 P-40E Warhawk




$4.98 MSRP


Two options


Scott Van Aken




The P-40 has been reviewed a number of times, so I suggest finding another review for any sort of history on the type.


One could easily say that old Airfix kits never die. They just get new packaging and higher prices. This is especially true of some of the old favorites such as this kit. I dare say that the original mold harkens back to the late 1960s if not earlier. Despite what has to have been hundreds of thousands of pressings, the molds on this kit are still in very good shape.

Hearken back to the days when rivet detail was what made a kit. This one has to have been one of the best in that regard as all of the panel line detail is done in tiny rivets. Only things like hatches and filler caps are done in raised detailing. Cockpit detail is minimal, consisting of a seat and a pilot to place in it. Wheel well detail is equally non-existent. The only real option is a drop tank and to leave it off will require filling some holes. Actually, I misspoke a bit as you can build the kit wheels up, however the stand that originally came with the kit is no longer provided, making that option a bit moot for most builders.

Instructions are a simple six step pictorial sequence that one has come to expect from most kits nowadays. There are the usual Humbrol color references and no generic color names. Markings are provided for two aircraft. One is the box art plane of 112 Sq, the people who started the P-40 sharkmouth trend. This is in desert colors of probably Dark Earth/Middlestone over Azure Blue. The other is an Australian P-40 of 77 Squadron in late 1942. Were I to guess, I'd say this was done in the Australian colors of Foliage Green/Dark Earth over Light Blue. The decals are very well printed and make this the major benefit of buying this kit as most of the older Airfix decals will be pretty well useless by this time.


You know, there are many other much nicer P-40s in 1/72 out there. The Hasegawa and Academy ones come immediately to mind. However, if you are penny pinching or just can't find the other kits, this one will provide you with a nice shelf model.

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