Tamiya 1/72 FW-190A-3






Three aircraft


Scott Van Aken




Giving you a history of the FW-190 would be most redundant if you have been a long time reader. However, I can say that Tamiya is the only company that has seen to release a quality kit of the earlier variants. As part of a long term commitment to 1/72 modelers, Tamiya has undergone a program of downsizing its 1/48 kits. Often the kits have been simplified and such features as separate flaps and such have been done away with on the smaller models. However, they have all been very nice kits and a real snap to build.

Probably the only downside to these kits are the price. Frankly, $16 is a lot of money for a 1/72 single engined prop kit. You can get a Hasegawa 190 for about $13, and the others like Academy, Heller, Airfix, Revell and Italeri have theirs for under $9. However, you get Tamiya quality and  that is what most people pay their money for. The early version of the 190 is another plus.


Opening the box you find a single sprue  with most of the parts, a smaller one with the lower wing, a bag with the transparencies and another with the little plastic inserts. The parts look very lonely in the large box that has lots of extra space, however, I'm glad it is a real box with a lid and everything!

Detailing is superb as one has come to expect from what many consider to be the finest kit maker in the market. Like the 1/48 version, the inner gear doors are fixed in the closed position. In most other ways, it looks very much like the 148 kit. Your only real option is if the canopy should be displayed open or closed. A nice touch is that the cockpit can be inserted after the fuselage is put together.

Instructions are super, but Tamiya still insists on giving only Tamiya paint colors and completely ignores any RLM specs. I believe that the decal options are the same as the 1/48 kit. All three aircraft are from France in 1942/43 so are all in RLM 74/75/76 with yellow undercowls and rudders. You get the box art aircraft from 8./JG 2 with the stylized eagle on the side. Also from JG 2 is Hans 'Assi' Hans' plane with his kill markings on the rudder. Finally from Stab/JG 26 comes Hptm. Garth's 190A-3. Tamiya's decals are well printed, though a bit thick. However, they will hold up to a lot of mishandling. The whites are also a bit transparent and so you may want to consider replacing some of them with aftermarket ones.



Recommending this kit is very much like forecasting weather in Southern California. You know before you start that it will be something that most everyone will like. Tamiya's engineering makes this a kit that even the beginner should find easy to build.

Review kit courtesy of me and my wallet!

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