KIT: Revell 1/32 P-51B Mustang
KIT #: 4773
PRICE: $ Dunno, it has been out of production for a long time.
DECALS: One option
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Like raised panel lines and rivet detail? You'll like this one.


Unless you were recently conceived or have zero interest in WWII fighters, you should know at least something about the P-51 Mustang. Which brings to mind why would you be reading this? Anyway, suffice it to say that through a sequence of fortunate circumstances, the USAAF brass, despite kicking and screaming all the way about 'not designed for us', had the perfect escort fighter it had been trying unsuccessfully to build for several years right under its nose. Once that had managed to penetrate their thick skulls that someone else actually had what they needed, the rest is history. Gee, this sounds an awful lot like the Army today, doesn't it?


This kit is by no means new, having first seen the light over 30 years ago. Back then, detail = rivets and raised panel lines were king so from that standpoint, the surface detailing is perfect. The OD plastic is in remarkably good condition on this 1993 boxing, with only the clear bits showing any real flash. I did find the usual ejector pin marks in all the wrong places, but back then, it wasn't a big deal. I also found some sink areas on the outside of gear doors, back of prop blades, and on the horizontal stabs. The fuselage shows some near the alignment pin marks, but really, it is pretty clean. Of course, fixing those means wiping out rivets so it is up to the builder to determine if that work is worth it.

One gets a pretty well done cockpit with sidewall detail and a nicely done radio rack. There are no rudder pedals or seat bottom as one is supposed to use the pilot that is included. A full engine is provided and has to be used to support the prop and exhaust. The upper cowling is separate to show off the engine and the canopy can be posed open if one desires. There are no underwing stores or even any wing racks, a rather surprising omission for a long range escort fighter. The wheels are also a bit on the 'fat' side, but I don't think that will concern many and I'm sure there are aftermarket wheels for those that want to change.

Instructions are well done with generic color references. The construction sequences are well drawn and not too extensive. This is, after all, a pretty simple kit. Decals are provided for Duan Beeson's 'The Bee' when with the 4th Fighter group. Wing and tail ID bands are supplied as decals, but I'd recommend painting those on if you are so inclined.

Several people have commented on how this is an inaccurate kit. Well, I'm not a Mustang expert and aside from the missing seat pan, pylons, and the rather skinny prop blades, I really don't see anything glaring that would concern most builders.


To me, this is not only a bit of nostalgia, but also, as of this writing, the only 1/32 P-51B around, even after over 30 years. I'm sure that someone will do an updated version at ten or fifteen times the price of this one (which I got at a swap meet for a real bargain at $3.00). Regardless, it is a nice kit and should build with minimal hassles. If you find one, give it a go.

Review kit courtesy of me.

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