KIT: ICM 1/72 I-16 type 28
KIT #: 72073
PRICE: $12.00 MSRP
DECALS: options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken


A very popular subject at the time with new kits in 1/32 and 1/48 in the last few years as model makers start to scrounge for things not done to death to allow them to continue sales to you and me.

The I-16 was one of those aircraft that allowed the Soviet Union to be at the head of the pack when it came to fighter aircraft in the mid 1930s. While other countries were still flying biplanes or heavily rigged monoplanes, the I-16 was a full cantilever, monocoque aircraft with retractable landing gear, something others wouldn't have for several more years. They were very successful in the Spanish Civil War, but a mere two years after the end of that conflict, they were hopelessly obsolescent.

The Type 28 was one of the last variants to be built. It was completely recognizable from the earliest type 5 and it was basically only the engine and armament that differentiated the types. The type 28 was generally fitted with cannon in the wings. These aircraft soldiered on until well past their prime, fighting against the Germans and the Finns. They were also used as fighter trainers with several being converted into two seat aircraft.


The single sprue is molded in ICMs somewhat soft white plastic. Detail level with ICM kits is quite good though it does vary from kit to kit. I noticed a bit of flash on the thinner bits. This one has a bit softer engraved detail than what one gets from the likes of Hasegawa, but isn't really that noticeable. The raised type detail is very nice and includes what you find inside gear doors and on the instrument panel.  A nicely done engine with mount  and individual exhaust stacks is provided and will pretty much remain hidden behind the typical I-16 cowling. This cowling is in five parts so assembly could be a bit tricky.

The way the wing assembly is accomplished is a tad different from other aircraft kits, but seems to be a standard way of doing the stubby little I-16. I found it nice to have separate elevators and rudder though smoothing the tail cone could be problematical. The cockpit is rather bare but adequate. Little can be seen through the tiny opening. No sidewall detail is provided. A tiny windscreen and gun sight are provided. As with other ICM kits, the clear parts are a tad distorted, but not unbearably so.

The single sheet instructions are well done with a parts breakdown and well drawn construction steps. Model Master colors are referenced as are generic names. Markings for two planes are given.  Both are in Dark Green over Light Blue with basically aircraft numbers to distinguish them from each other. A markings guide is give and duplicated on the back of the box in full color. The small decal sheet is fairly well printed and matte.


I'm not sure how this stacks up against the Hasegawa I-16, but it is a ton better than the ancient Revell kit. It is a nice looking kit and should build into an equally nice model.

June 2006

Thanks to and DLV Company for the review kit. You can find Italeri kits at your favorite hobby shop.

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