Hasegawa  P-40 Warhawk egg plane

KIT: Hasegawa P-40 Warhawk egg plane
KIT #: 60119
PRICE: $11.98 MSRP
DECALS: Two Options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Get yours before they are gone!


Tough to provide a history for something that really never existed......at least not in this form. I'll leave the eggzact details to those yolk-counters who know more about these than I.


Here is another of the Hasegawa egg planes. This one is, like most others, not a new mold as those who collect these things have so informed me.

Once again, the builder is overwhelmed with a mass of detailed parts, this kit's totaling 23, not counting the decal sheet. There are two sprues in olive drab with one sprue of clear parts.

Looking at the surface detail, the fuselage is nearly void of any at all. Basically smooth as ...well...an egg. Wings and tailplanes have some cursory raised panel lines. There is no proper fabric detail for the flight surfaces and I have to say that I don't know what Hasegawa used for a reference aircraft but I think that the only part they got right was the prop. All the rest of the parts are horribly contorted. Of course, my copy could have been a fluke and produced during an earthquake or something.

Wheel wells are non-existent with the gear and doors basically fitting flush. No tail wheel doors are provided. Wing guns are incorrectly positioned on the leading edge when they should be just under it. The cockpit is a joke with but a tub and a decal for the instrument panel.

Instructions are well done with two exploded view construction steps. Markings are for two planes, neither of which is identified. One is shown on the box art and is undoubtedly from the 23rd FG in 1942. The other is from the RAF in North Africa about the same time in a nice desert scheme. Color information is via Gunze paints and I must warn you not to use the build-up on the box as a guide as the underside color for that model is wrong. Use what is in the instructions. Decals are very nicely done and should go on well.


All yoking aside, this is yet another interesting kit that will bring a smile to many faces. Perfect for the young or young at heart and definitely something that those who are obsessed with accuracy will not be building!


References? References?, We ain't got no steenkin' references! (paraphrased from Treasure of the Sierra Madre.)

I saw, I grabbed, I previewed.

August 2008

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