Hasegawa 1/48 Hurricane IIC "S.E.A.C."

KIT #: 09252
PRICE: 2200 yen
DECALS: Two options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: 1998 limited edition


The Hurricane IIA Series 2s armed with four 20 mm (.79 in) Hispanos become the
Mark IIC in June 1941, using a slightly modified wing. The new wings also included a hardpoint for a 500 lb (227 kg) or 250 lb (113 kg) bomb, and later in 1941, fixed 40 gal (182 l) fuel tanks. The IIC incorporated all the other improvements of the IIB which included a new levered tail wheel, reshaped lower keel and the longer, more pointed spinnner. By then performance was inferior to the latest German fighters, and the Hurricane changed to the ground-attack role, sometimes referred to as the Hurribomber. The mark also served as a night fighter and "intruder."


Though it has been quite a while since Hasegawa did a Hurricane limited edition, back in 1998 they were on a roll and produced this Hurricane IIC boxing. The Hurricane II was a tad longer than the Hurricane I and while I don't know if they got this part right or not, they do provide a separate nose section that could take this into consideration. 

The cockpit is actually quite well done with side frame work and open floor, seat, armor plating, control stick, rudder pedals and instrument panel. Various controls are molded into the framework and on the inside of the fuselage halves. 

The wheel well is separate and is added prior to the assembly of the one piece lower and two upper wing halves. A carb intake section fits into the lower wing. On the lower wing is a coolant radiator that gets and front and rear detail piece before the two piece housing with rear radiator flap actuating arms. The front of the wing has inserts for the guns on the leading edge and this kit provides the one gun per side insert appropriate for this version. There is also a landing light and lens for each side. In order to do a number of variants, there is a wing leading edge insert to allow for the various types of armament. The one to use on this kit has two ports for the gun barrels. Note that before assembling the wings, holes on the upper wing need to be opened for the clearance bumps added due to the cannon. There are also two different styles of cannon barrel to use.

Landing gear are nicely molded and look suitably complex with additional retraction mechanisms in the wheel well. Additional bits are the Volkes filter for under the nose, a more pointed spinner with Rotol prob and separate wing tip lights. The canopy is a single piece so those wanting it open will have to cut it or replace it. Exhaust fit from the outside, making it easier to use aftermarket replacements. 

The two markings options are identical save for the codes and serials. One is the box art plane from 34 Squadron and the other is with 1 Squadron, Indian Air Force. This one has an elephant markings. The decal sheet is old school and while it includes the white SEAC bands, I'd recommend painting these. Both aircraft are camouflaged in dark green/dark earth over medium sea grey.


For most versions, the Hasegawa kit is still the best around. While Airfix has done a nice recent tool Mk. I, they have yet to venture into the later versions, though I imagine that will eventually be accomplished (assuming the company doesn't go bankrupt as Hornby is having issues). There are aftermarket bits for things like the wheel wells and seats and exhaust and wheels so you can upgrade the kit if you wish, though the kit bits are still quite nice. The model could benefit from a seat harness, but that is about it. There are plenty of aftermarket options when it comes to markings if you do not want to use the kit versions.



October 2016

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