Hasegawa 1/72 Sea Hurricane Mk IB/IIC Combo

KIT #: 02025
PRICE: $27.50 on sale ($62.00 SRP)
DECALS: Three options
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Two complete kits


The Sea Hurricane IB was a Hurricane Mk I version equipped with catapult spools plus an arrester hook. The Sea Hurricane IA was simply a war weary RAF Hurricane I fitted for catapult launches from CAM ships and had no proper carrier gear. From July 1941 they operated from HMS Furious and from October 1941, they were used on Merchant aircraft carrier (MAC ships), which were large cargo vessels with a flight deck enabling aircraft to be launched and recovered. A total of 340 aircraft were converted. The first Sea Hurricane IB kill occurred on July 31, 1941, when Sea Hurricanes of 880 squadron, operating from HMS Furious shot down a Do 18 flying-boat. The Fleet Air Arm preferred the lighter de Havilland propellers over the Rotol types; it was found during tests that the Rotol unit could lead to the nose dipping during arrested landings, causing the propeller blades to "peck" the carrier deck. The lighter de Havilland units avoided this problem.

The Sea Hurricane IIC was a standard Hurricane Mk IIC version equipped with naval radio gear and other nautical equipment; 400 aircraft were converted and used on fleet carriers. The Merlin XX engine on the Sea Hurricane generated 1460 hp at 6,250 ft and 1435 hp at 11,000 ft. Top speed was 322 mph at 13,500ft and 342 mph at 22,000 ft.


 When this kit came out, it was lambasted for having fuselage fabric detail that was too pronounced. Actually it looks more like corrugations than fabric, but it seems to me that a bit of sanding should take care of it.

The surface detailing is really quite good, though it is somewhat marred by some sink marks, the most noticeable being on the leading edge of the upper wings just outboard of the landing lights. The guns are also faired over so you'll have to open those up when building the kit. You will also have to fill in a pair of shell ejector chutes on the outboard part of the lower wing when doing the IB. There are no optional things to hang under wings, and while the IIC might have been able to use fuel tanks, I'm not sure if they were used aboard ship. as that didn't happen until later Hurricane marks. Some cutting is needed to install the replacement resin lower aft fuselage section as that resin bit has the tailhook.

The cockpit is fair, but basic and there is no sidewall detail. I still find this odd that Hasegawa doesn't provide more detailed interiors in its 1/72 kits. The 15-20 year old Heller Hurricane has more detail in this area. Instrument panel is supplied as a decal, standard fare for Hase 1/72 kits. You also get two different prop spinners and separate blades.  One thing you will have some 'fun' with are the ejector pin marks. These are found on the exhaust, inside gear doors, wheels, seat and a few other places. Canopy is a single piece and molded in the closed position.

Markings are provided for three planes. Two are Sea Hurricane IB aircraft. One is shown on the box art from 768 Squadron aboard HMS Argus. The other is similarly painted and from 800 Squadron aboard HMS Indominable during 1942. This plane has the earlier insignia typical of Battle of Britain planes. The third option is the white painted Mk IIB with 835 Squadron and HMS Nariana during June of 1944. The large decal sheet is well done and provides all the markings needed for the various options.


Despite the outrageous price one in the US has to pay for Hasegawa and other's current offerings, frequently these sorts of kits are shelf sitters and one can get them for a more reasonable price when they are finally put on sale. $62 for a kit that retails in Japan for $35 is pretty steep for anyone. Regardless, these are still fairly nice kits and can make into very nice models. Sure, equally nice Hurricanes are made by Airfix, Revell and others, but if you want a kit that has a nice choice of markings as well, this is one to consider.



Thanks to me for getting this one on sale.

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