Kit: Vista 1/72 Fulmar I

Kit Number: 202-1

Price: $6.00

Media: Injected Plastic

Decals : Two Versions for FAA

Overall: see review

Comments:  I have Rareplanes Fulmar sitting in my 'to be built' box, but since vacuforms require extra effort, I build few of them.  Fortunately for me, Vista came to the rescue with a Fulmar injected kit.  Not knowing what to expect, I was pleasantly surprised when an Italeri-quality molding issued forth from the sturdy box.  If this is the future of Czech molding, I approve.  The engraved detail is great as is the crisply molded canopy.  The decals are also very well done by Propagteam and eventually proved to be decently opaque.  

I had almost no problems with this kit as all the bits fit very well, indeed.  The interior is pretty basic with just a seat, stick and instrument panel glued to a floor.  In the back, the observer has a seat and nothing else.  The wheelwells are not boxed in and the landing gear and wheels are basic as well.  Overall, the Vista product fits between Matchbox and Italeri in mold and detail.

Thanks to Xtracolor, I had the required colors of Extra Dark Sea Grey, Medium Sea Grey and Sky to complete the kit.  The additional benefit of the glossy Xtracolor is that the decals went on without fuss.  What could benefit from aftermarket bits?  Well, a brass detail set, resin wheels, replacement propeller, and vacuform canopy would make this a true winner.  

This kit is recommended for all skill levels.  Buy one and maybe Vista will produce another kit!

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