JACH 1/72 Baynes Bat




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Scott Van Aken


Includes etched fret



The Baynes Bat was a one-third scale model of a proposed Carrier Wing, comprising a set of wings to be attached to a tank to permit it to be towed as a glider. Designed by L E Baynes, the BaynesBat was built by Slingsby Sailplanes and first flown at Sherburn-in-Elmet, HQ of Airborne Forces Experimental Establishment, by Fit Lt Robert Kronfeld in July 1943. Later used at RAE for stability and control investigations on tailless aircraft.


This particular kit appears to be the first 1/72 offering from those folks at Attack Hobbies. If they were looking for esoteric, then they hit it right off as I'd never heard of this particular aircraft. Including the clear, injected canopy, there are 12 plastic and 8 etched parts. It will make for one of the smallest models in my collection when it is built. As a wooden glider, there are few details. What are provided on the kit are engraved and a bit soft. Etched brass bits are used for the landing skid, pitot tube, tow ring, aileron actuators and mass balances.

The instructions are basic as one would expect from such a small kit. One side has two construction drawings and a front view of the glider. The other side is split between a painting and decal placement diagram on one side with a parts layout and the usual warnings on the other. No historical background is given. There is a small but well printed decal sheet for the single prototype. Mine appears to have suffered from being in with the parts as both upper wing roundels are badly scratched and will have to be replaced. The scheme is dark earth and green uppers with black and yellow stripes on the underside. The upper outer wings are also in yellow. The fuselage has what is probably the smallest roundel yet done for a British 1/72 model.



Well, I can definitely say that this is one of the more unusual model kits to come down the pike in a long time. It just shows the lengths that have to be taken to find something that no one else has modeled. For one thing, it should be a pretty quick build and the end result will be something that very few have on their shelves. It will be most interesting to see what JACH come up with for their next subject.

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