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The MS.410 was a development of the MS.406. During the Phony War, the French started work on an upgrade of the MS.406, paying particular attention to the troublesome retractable radiator and the lack of firepower. A new version of the aircraft, with a fixed radiator and a new wing with two belt-fed machine guns that replaced a single drum-fed gun, flew early in 1940. The upgraded aircraft, the MS.410, was also tested with ejector exhausts that boosted its top speed to 316 mph (509 km/h). the Armée de l’Air ordered 500 conversion kits but only five MS.406s had been converted by the time the Armistice was signed, June 25, 1940. Several of these MS.410s (some sources state as many as 11) were sent to Finland by the Germans. A very similar aircraft was developed by the Swiss as the D-3801. This aircraft was in production from 1941 until 1946 and continued in service as a target tug and hack until 1959.


 In all respects, this kit is identical to the MS.406 previewed earlier. The sprues contain all the bits for either aircraft, so if you want to build a 406 from the 410 kit, you can do so. There is one major modification that needs to be done and that is remove the wing gun bulges. You'll need to drill some holes for the new embedded wing guns, the location of which is not shown in the instructions. This version also uses ejector exhaust for the Swiss version, but if you plan on doing the Finnish plane, you need to know that the ejector exhaust were not used so you need to revert to the MS.406 one. Apparently the 410 also had a tail wheel in place of the skid. At least for the Swiss plane. I'm not sure about any Finnish ones so you do need to check some photos to see if that applies.

The instructions are basically the same as the 406 in most respects, including the incomplete color info given. There are markings for either a Finnish or Swiss plane. The Finnish one has the broken swastikas and the ability to do any MS.410 delivered. FS colors are given for this scheme. For the Swiss plane, the same multiple number option is provided and RLM colors are given for its camouflage. Hobbycraft has chosen a white background for this and other sheets. It makes finding the white lettering very difficult, but if you hold the sheet to the light just right, you can find them. The decals are well printed and glossy. How well they work is only conjecture as early Hobbycraft decals have a very poor reputation.



With a few less parts for the radiator, this kit should be a bit easier to build. However you are pretty well stuck with kit decals as I know of no aftermarket sheets that cover the 410 version. Fortunately, it can be built as a 406 as well so you do have that option.


Fighters, Volume 1, William Green, 1960

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