Hasegawa 1/72 MS D-3800


51376 (AP 116)


$14.95 MSRP


Three aircraft


Scott Van Aken




Switzerland is a country where the population speaks several different languages. One is German, the other Italian and a third is French. This is really dependent on where in the country one happens to live and what border is shared. Over the years, this has also bled over into what the Swiss military has bought in terms of aircraft. Though a few indigenous designs have been placed in service, since the mid 1930s, most aircraft have been of a foreign design and either bought outright or built under license.

This is true of the French Moraine-Saulnier MS.406 which was built by the Swiss as the D-3800. Though there were some internal changes in terms of instruments and radios, the basic airframe was the same as what the French flew. Following the dismal showing of the French plane during the German invasion, a number of Swiss D-3800s were reengined and modified. However, during the early war years, much of the defense of Switzerland's neutrality was performed by the D-3800.


The only difference between this kit and the other various boxings of the MS 406 are the decals. The kit itself is typical of what Hasegawa has been producing in 1/72 since the mid 1980s. It has engraved panel lines, excellent external detailing, and a good, but a bit bare interior with no sidewall detail and a decal for the main instrument panel. Standard issue for Hase 1/72 kits even today.

There are a few mods that need made, but nothing very difficult. Mostly it is the removal of the fairings over the wing guns as the Swiss version used different weapons. One also has to open up a few holes  and cut off the spinner tip and drill it out as the D-3800 had a nose mounted cannon. In all respects it looks like a pretty straight-forward and simple kit.

Markings are included for three very similar aircraft. Two are in RLM 70/71/65 while a third is in RLM 70/65. The decals are well printed and typical of Hasegawa in that the white is an ivory color. The red probably won't be as opaque as you'd like so it would be a good idea if you can back those areas with white if possible.



As with nearly any other single-engined WWII fighter that Hasegawa does, it can be highly recommended as an accurate kit and one that should provide no surprises.

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