White Ensign WWII USN Paints


1.30 including VAT for UK & EU
1.11 GBP (approx $1.58) for overseas


Scott Van Aken



White Ensign has long been known for quality resin ship kits and other accessories. Recently they have decided to get into the paint business. Starting with Naval colors, their next items have been aimed at the aircraft modeler and several colors have been received here at World HQ.

This particular batch consists of WWII US Navy aviation colors. Specifically, Non-Specular White, USN Aircraft Blue-Grey, USN aircraft Sea Blue, USN Aircraft Light Grey, USN Aircraft Chrome Yellow and USN Aircraft Intermediate Blue. From all these colors you can do any of the more popular USN color schemes from the beginning to the end of WWII.

The 'ColorCoat' paints for aircraft are, for the most part, a satin finish and the FS 595 equivalent (if there is a match) is provided on the tinlet. Some experimental brushing has shown the paints to be very well done with fine pigment. I'm very much looking forward to spraying some of these on an upcoming WWII USN subject.

Thanks to for the review samples. Click on the logo to visit their website.

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