White Ensign Modern USN Aircraft Paints


1.30 including VAT for UK & EU
1.11 GBP (approx $1.58) for overseas


Scott Van Aken



As mentioned in a previous review, White Ensign is developing a line of paints and is now entering the aircraft field. This particular set is for modern USN/USMC aircraft and is, perforce, a collection of shades of grey!

The vast majority of the 'ColourCoat' paints are done in a satin finish. This is an excellent compromise as it will make it easier to apply a gloss coat prior to installing decals. The colors are also matched against FS 595 standards.

The colors in this set are Dark Gull Grey (FS 26321), Light Gull Grey (FS 26440), Light Compass Grey (FS 26375) and Dark Compass Grey (FS36320). With these colors, you can do just about any USN/USMC aircraft from the last 15-20 years.

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