White Ensign Japanese WWII Aircraft Paints


1.30 including VAT for UK & EU
1.11 GBP (approx $1.58) for overseas


Scott Van Aken



Ever since the demise of Aeromaster's paint line, most of us have been looking for decent Japanese colors in enamels. While other makers produce some of these colors, this is the first time we have had a rather complete run of colors. Colourcoat has even added Amerio to the line-up, which is a nice improvement. The only other colors that they could add to the mix would be the 'bamboo', a yellow-orange wing ID color, a trainer orange, and Kawasaki interior brown, but finding reliable references is a bit of a problem when it comes to Japanese colors. Perhaps one day in the future these will be added. As with all Colourcoats, most are semi-gloss for good coverage and ease of decal application.

Here is what is available now.

1.  IJN Aircraft Green
2.  IJN Aircraft Navy Grey
3.  Nakajima Navy Green
4.  Nakajima Interior Grey-Green
5.  Nakajima Army Green
6.  Mitsubishi Navy Green
7.  Mitsubishi Navy Grey
8.  Mitsubishi Cowl Blue-Black
9.  Kawasaki Army Green
10.Kawanishi Green
11.Overall Light Grey
12.Undersurface Grey-Green
13.Red-Brown Primer
14.Earth Brown
16.Mitsubishi Zero Gray-Green
17.Nakajima Aber Grey (Amerio)
18.Mitusbishi Interior Green

If you are unable to hound, pester and threaten your local hobby shop into handling these paints, you can order them direct  via the logo below.

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