Falcon VAX-4: 1/72 Post WWII USN




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Scott Van Aken


Crystal Clear vac canopies

I've often been asked why one would want to use a vacuformed canopy. They have to be cut out, trimmed and then carefully cemented into place. There are not a strong as injected plastic and besides, the kit comes with a canopy. Well, all that is true, however, most kit canopies are scale feet thick, many do not fit well, and often they are so distorted that you can't see through them. An additional benefit is that vac plastic is much easier to cut so you can display an open canopy with much greater ease. Then there are those cockpit clear bits that are molded in more than one piece so you have to deal with a glue line. Then there are others to where the shape of the canopy is just wrong.

This particular set is one of Falcon's earlier works and in some cases, newer kits are available for a few of these that have quality injected canopies. However, these canopies are generally for kits that need the help. I'll just list them and put the suggested kit next to them.

E-2 Hawkeye - Fujimi
F2H Banshee - Airfix or Hobbycraft
F4D Skyray - Airfix
F9F Panther - Hasegawa
P2V Neptune - Hasegawa
S-2 Tracker - Hasegawa
F7F Tigercat - Monogram
A-1 Skyraider - Airfix
F3D Skyknight - Matchbox
RA-5 Vigilante - Hasegawa
A-1E Skyraider - Monogram
T-2 Buckeye - Matchbox

Set courtesy of me and my need for some of these!

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