Falcon VAX 22: 1/72 RAF Pt 4




@$13.00 MSRP




Scott Van Aken


Crystal Clear vac canopy set

Falcon has been known the world round for producing fine vacuformed products and none are more welcome and useful than their canopy sets. Each one of their sets contains accurate clear bits for a wide variety of aircraft, all of whose kits really need a quality canopy. This particular set concentrates on a more eclectic bunching of aircraft. To make things simple, here is a list of what is included and the kits for which they are recommended.

Spit XIV bubble canopy - Fujimi
Typhoon 'car door' canopy - Airfix
Spit XIV standard canopy - Fujimi
Wellesley canopies -Matchbox
Sunderland canopy and turrets - Airfix
Lysander canopy- Matchbox
Lancaster canopy and turrets- Airfix
Master Canopy - Frog
Proctor Canopy - Frog
Hotspur Canopy - Frog

No where else will you find a replacement for these aircraft, many of the kits which sorely need it!

A big Thank You to FALCON for providing the review set.

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