Trackbase: Track Color Paint

One of the greatest problems with many of us who are not hard-core armor fans is what color to paint tracks. New, I'm sure they are shiny steel and as they age or get used, the patina on the tracks changes color. Over the years I've seen these a number of different colors, but none of the ones I've tried to do turns out well.

Trackbase offers a track color acrylic paint in what looks to be full ounce bottles for $5.95 a bottle. The paint is a dark brownish shade and once shaken up, it is pretty thick. I gave it a try on some plastic drop tanks I had and the coverage of the paint is very good. The bottle recommends a primer under it and I can see why as without it, it can be rather easily scratched as you can see.

This is only one color in a line of armor related paints and is a good one to start with if you want to give them a try. 

Thanks to www.wingsntreads for the review sample. You can get yours at the link.

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