Top Notch TNM48-M50: Spitfire I-V Pattern A  Camouflage Masks

PRICE: 10.00.
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Vinyl Mask Set

This is one of several sets that Top Notch offers for the Spitfire and this one is for the A pattern that was used for all even serial number Spitfires up until about mid 1941 when the B pattern was eliminated (it was for odd serial planes). The set is viable for the Spit I, II, and V. I have to assume that when the VII and IX came into being, the pattern changed.

TNM has provided a pretty complete set with this batch. It includes a mask for the fuselage band when used, and for the wing leading edge ID bands when those were used. It also provides a set for application once the lower color has been applied. The others are for use after the Dark Earth has been painted on. Once all applied, then the green can be sprayed or brushed on. The set comes with a guide and if you want more information then a visit to their web site might prove useful.

These are available in all major scales with this set being in 1/48.

November 2018

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Thanks to Top Notch for the review set. These can be found at this link.

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