SET: Tamiya Weathering Master, Set C
ITEM  #: 87085
PRICE: $8.30 at GreatModels
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Weathering set

This is set 'C' of four (so far) Tamiya Weathering Sets. This set includes orange rust, gunmetal and silver, three very useful shades. As with the other set, you have a tool that includes a brush at one end and a sponge at the other. I've not yet been able to find any use for the brush as the weathering colors are all somewhat moist and not able to be picked up on the brush. Trying to scrape it only results in a clump of color so I'm at a loss on why the brush is included. The sponge applicator, on the other hand, works just fine, so I have to assume that is what most modelers use.

March  2007

You can find this and other neat accessories at GreatModels

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