SET: Tamiya Weathering Master, Set B
ITEM  #: 87080
PRICE: $8.30 at GreatModels
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Weathering set

When I first saw one of these sets last year, I thought that this was one of those things that would never catch on. I mean, it looks like and apparently is applied like eye make-up. There is even a warning on the instructions that this is not a cosmetic product. Apparently it is even flammable and the warning is that it must be used in a well ventilated room and one should wear a mask while using it.

I'm not sure why all the dire warnings as it looks very much like pastel chalk that has some sort of petroleum product in it to give it a bit of stick. Each set (and this is set B; Snow, soot and rust) comes with the colors in their own compartments and an application tool. This tool has a brush on one side and a sponge applicator on the other. One uses the sponge to smear the snow or soot onto the model while the brush it used where you want dirt or dust accumulation.

Overall a rather neat idea and one that I'm sure will be getting a workout from this modeler on his next armor project. I'm sure you will find it equally as useful.

March  2007

You can find this and other neat accessories at GreatModels

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