Scale Model Accessories set SSPAR001
Me-262 Figures Set




Scott Van Aken


Metal figures

Here is the first in a new line of 'Airfield Range' figures in 1/72. This is an Me-262 figure set. It consists of four figures in various poses, including a driver for the kettenkrad, a pilot figure, a couple of ground crew, a tow bar, and intake/exhaust covers for the kit. I tried the covers on my Hasegawa 262 and found the the taller one fit the intake with no problem. The other cover is the right diameter, but the kit intake and exhaust 'bullets' interfere and will need to be sanded down or removed to have them fit. I'm thinking that these covers are more for the Revell kit, which is easier to find in Europe.

The overall detail level of these decidedly small figures is really very good indeed. There is a touch of mold seam that will need removed, but other than that, just a primer and then a good coat of paint is all that is needed. A set of instructions on just how the tow bar and rigging for the towing apparatus is to be done is provided.

Overall, it is a good value for the money and something that will really add to your next 262 diorama. For information on ordering this set, please see the link below.

Thanks to Scale Model Accessories, LTD for the review samples

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