Scale Model Accessories set SSP023
Ford V8 Saloon Staff Car




Scott Van Aken


Resin and metal car kit

You have seen the new figure line from SMA. I also asked for one of their vehicles, in this case, a Ford V8 Saloon Staff Car, that was used by both Allies and German forces. This is one of their many 1/76 kits and one that you'd see in an airfield diorama.

The body is resin with the rest of the kit in pewter. The molding on this kit is fair with most of the metal parts having rather large mold seams that will have to be carefully removed. The resin body itself has quite a few pinholes, especially in the back, that will need filled. I'm not an expert on the type, but it also seems as if the window pillars are somewhat 'caved in' and not flush with the rest of the outside. No clear bits are provided, but since there are no compound curves, simple pieces of clear acetate can be made to fit the openings. No decals are provided either, though there is a note that license plates are available on an aftermarket sheet.

The instructions are basic, but clearly done. There are a few options that allow either an Allied or German staff car to be made from this kit. Bottom line is that it is typical of this kind of kit. There will be a bit of extra work required to get it finished, but nothing beyond the abilities of the average modeler. It will be interesting to see how it all turns out.

Thanks to Scale Model Accessories, LTD for the review samples

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