PRICE: $5.00
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Comes in several sizes

I picked this up at a show a while back (OK, a long while back) as it looked like a neat product. It was touted for attaching windows onto car models without the need for glue. Thought it might prove useful in other applications as well as I don't build all that many car models. After just sitting for several months, I gave it a go on holding a canopy in place so I could paint the rest of the model. It is the 1/16 inch wide stuff and so I cut a small length. It was a bit of a go to get the one side of the tape cover removed (it is double sided) and it is also VERY sticky. I got the bit on both sides of the canopy sill and plunked down the canopy. I then proceeded to paint as usual. It definitely did its job and held the canopy in place with no issue. When it came to removing it, I found it peeled up the paint under it. Now this was my fault as I was using water based acrylics on unprepared plastic so I'm sure that if I'd primered it, I'd not have this issue. I have also been told that it doesn't like solvents, but have not tried that as of yet.

Bottom line is that it looks like it has a bunch of uses and I'm looking forward to trying it in other situations. By the way, the tape itself is clear.

May 2017

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