Spectre Resins 1/72 RC-135 LTV Cheeks

KIT #: SR72-AC-001
PRICE: $9.50 from www.millcreekconsultants.com
DECALS: Not applicable
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Resin

Spectre Resins has for their first conversion set, this set of LTV side cheeks for the various RC-135 aircraft that used them. The more recent variants that have used these are the RC-135U, V and W. These aircraft are ELINT or Electronic Intelligence aircraft whose job it is to cruise around areas of interest to pick up electronic signals from various pieces of equipment used by the bad guys. Once received, this information was catalogued and used in the development of countermeasures.  I spend a goodly amount of my Navy service in units whose purpose was quite similar.

Like other Spectre Resins products, the casting is very good with no glitches and only the usual bits of flash and a pour stub block to have to clean up prior to use. The set comes with instructions on how to place these items, though it should be pretty intuitive to most of us.

An excellent and quite simple conversion for those whose interest is in the more eclectic aircraft and you won't break the bank purchasing it.

As a note, though I initially listed these as Martin products, I've been informed by the craftsman who made these that they are LTV side cheeks as currently installed; the older Martin ones being what you get in the RC-135 kit.

December 2009

My thanks to Spectre Resins for supplying the review set. You can order direct from the hyperlink.

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