The Scale Ruler




Scott Van Aken


Available in all major scales

How often have you been working on a model and had to precisely locate an item? If you are really serious about your hobby, then you are one who demands precision in the placement of various bits and pieces. Often times the kit either has the piece in the wrong place or has totally left it off and it is up to you to make the modification.

With a good set of plans and this ruler, you can do just that without any hassles and with assurance that it scales out correctly. Even those who want to check the accuracy of some item they just bought can use the appropriate ruler to take measurements and compare them to known plans.

The Scale 6" scale rule is probably the most handy format for these kinds of measurements. They are clear so it is easy to locate reference points on whatever you are measuring. They are also two sided. Some have two scales on each ruler, while others, such as the 1/35 ruler, have the dimensions in both English and Metric scales.

Regardless of the scale that you normally work in, you can find a Scale Rule to match your needs. I've been using mine for the last few days just to see how things measure up and am really surprised at how useful they are. I'm sure you will be too

Thanks to The Scale Card for the review samples. Ask for yours at your favorite hobby shop or visit them on line. You can also get these at CRM Hobbies

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