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Works on all surfaces

Over the years, modelers have wanted a greater degree of flexibility when building their models. As a result, a number of innovations have entered into the modeling world. Etched brass and resin parts are just two of the more visible ones. Another is in the area of finishes. We have seen an increase in the use of specialist paints and gloss/flattening materials. There have also been a number of metallic finishing materials available to give that 'shiny new' look to our models. 

On the other side of the 'shiny new' coin has been the desire to have our models look like they have been heavily weathered. Initially this was produced by using paints in combination with other materials like talcum powder or baking soda. Now we have an easy to use material called Rustall. 

Rustall will 'rust' any material onto which it is placed. Let me quote from the package instructions. "Rustall is a wash technique....that can be brushed on, or have items dipped into it. To achieve a solid rusted look, first paint the item with any non-water based, dark flat grey primer." That seems pretty simple to me. 

Rustall is also packaged with three other materials. In the image above, #1 is Rustall, #2 is a black wash used to highlight items like protruding bolt heads and panel lines, #3 is a dead flat clear coat, and #4 is dust. This final material is not a liquid but is, indeed, dust. Much to the same consistency as diatomatious (sp?) earth. It can be added to any material or just sprinkled on the subject and sealed in with the clear matte .

Rustall sent along several samples of what the material does. The gears above are resin and coated with dust and Rustall. Rustall claims to be usable on all materials, and this is shown by the two corrugated items shown directly above. On the left, the material is wood and on the right, cardboard. Quite effectively done, I think. The final sample shown below is a resin engine block.

This item has been given the full treatment with Rustall, dust, blackwash and clear matte. A very effective and impressive demonstration of the capabilities of Rustall. Look for the use of Rustall in an upcoming kit review.

If you cannot find Rustall at your local store, it can be ordered directly from the manufacturer at the link given below.

Thanks to the fine folks at Rustall for supplying the review items.

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