Quick Wheel QW-002: Dragon 1/35 Panzer III wheel masks

KIT #: QW-002
PRICE: 38.90 zł 
REVIEWER: Scott Van Aken
NOTES: Best wheel masks I've ever seen.

The next set is for the Panzer III, specifically the Dragon kit. As it has the Panzer III chassis, this is something that will work with the Stug III as well. Probably other kits, but the set specifies # 6320, 6354, and 6394.

Just to refresh your memory, the tire/wheel combination fits snugly into the provided opening in the back and butts right up against the blue flexible plastic material. It is here that the masking takes place. With the tire already painted, one simply sprays on the wheel color, then pulls the tire/wheel out and that is it. Each mask does a bunch of wheels at one time.

It is a great painting help and it is something that I'm sure will be in big demand one armor builders realize how handy this really is. It would be great for multiple wheel aircraft as well, but for now, their line is only for armor kits.

March 2009

My thanks to
www.quickwheel.eu for the review sample. Visit them for more information on this and other sets.

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